CONFADENT is a peppermint-flavored functional chewing gum with FDA-approved active ingredients that help prevent plaque and gingivitis, whiten teeth, and freshen your breath. CONFADENT’s blast of freshness and flavor lasts for hours!

Stunning Results & Functionality

You Go. We Clean. All Day Long.

Need your teeth cleaned and breath freshened on your way to work after breakfast? CONFADENT is there for you!


Don’t have time to brush your teeth before your important business meeting? CONFADENT is there for you!


Forget to brush your teeth before you go out tonight? CONFADENT is there for you!

CONFADENT Oral Technology is not like ANY other gum or oral care product

We use FDA approved active ingredients to ensure that you have the cleanest and freshest mouth throughout your busy day

Peppermint Flavor

For hundreds of years, mint has been the world’s renowned breath freshener. The herb has been used for centuries due to its remarkable medicinal properties and ability to improve overall oral health.

Mint’s germicidal qualities quickly freshens one’s breath making it a crucial proponent to oral health by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth on one’s tongue and teeth.

There is no question as to why peppermint is the flavor of choice for the original CONFADENT Chewing Gum.

Whitening While You Chew

Sodium Bicarbonate is a great cleaning agent for removal of some of the toughest stains on teeth. Many people have stained teeth due to the frequent intake of colored drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and dark sodas. The frequent use of tobacco products also causes stained teeth. If these substances are consumed over a long period of time, the stains can cause the tooth enamel to permanently be discolored.

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda as it is commonly known, has the ability to help reduce the buildup of plaque on your teeth. In cases where the plaque is not too much or still in its early form, it can be removed entirely. Teeth discoloration is normally caused by the buildup of plaque. By using sodium bicarbonate, an ingredient contained in CONFADENT Chewing Gum, you can prevent the discoloration and ensure your teeth stay whiter!

Fresh, Healthy Mouth

Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) is a compound that reduces plaque and calculus. It is a cationic surface-active agent, has a broad antimicrobial spectrum, and kills gram-positive pathogens and yeast.

Contact with bacteria occurs by the disturbance of the cell membrane, inhibition of cell function, seepage of cell contents, and eventually cell death. Cetylpyridinium chloride, an active ingredient contained in CONFADENT Chewing Gum, will help reduce plaque levels, prevent gingivitis, and guarantee a fresh, healthy mouth.

Natural Sweetness

Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from fibers contained in many berries and vegetables.  Unlike sugar, xylitol does not break down immediately upon entering one’s mouth and can also help keep a neutral pH level throughout the mouth. The slippery texture of xylitol helps prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the outer layer of tooth enamel, and therefore protects the teeth from tooth decay. The dental benefits of xylitol help prevent from oral acid attacks that would otherwise last for over half an hour with many other sweeteners and sugars. The greatest feature of xylitol is that it is unable to be digested by cavity causing mouth bacteria, and as a result, their population is greatly reduced when xylitol is present. Several studies have shown that the harmful bacteria count in one’s mouth has dropped by about 90% after consuming xylitol.

Research has also shown that the use of xylitol also helps repair damage to the outer layer of tooth enamel. Saliva alone protects the teeth and gums, but when saliva is stimulated with xylitol on a daily basis, results show that cavity development is almost non-existent. With the development of CONFADENT Chewing Gum containing xylitol, improving your oral health is easier than it’s ever been.

CONFADENT is an oral care technology that conveniently keeps your mouth clean and healthy throughout your busy day



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Conveniently at your fingertips



Camping or hiking



At the club and bar



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