Our Team Works Wonders

E X E C U T I V E   T E A M

Keith Burge

Co-Founder & CEO

Cole T. Evans

Founder & President

Michelle Lapierre

Director of Marketing

David Spratte

Director of Development

Kasper Kubica

Director of Technology

Sanjeev Javia

Director of Formulation

Ryan Dumais

Director of Strategy

S A L E S   T E A M

Brian Blum

Head of Sales, Texas

Justin Brasel

Head of Sales, Midwest

Dawson French

Head of Sales, Southeast

Trey Davila

Sales Associate, Texas

Dan Mastrobuono

Sales Associate, Midwest

Brad Soderberg

Head of Sales, Northeast

About Us

CONFADENT Oral Technology is a company based out of Denver, Colorado that has invented and successfully developed a new oral care product in the form of a chewing gum. Through the use of FDA approved active ingredients, CONFADENT’s proprietary chewing gum is formulated to whiten one’s teeth, help reduce the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis, and still maintain an extra fresh peppermint flavor.

CONFADENT Chewing Gum initially consisted of a Business School student who was enrolled in the Entrepreneurship program at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. In November of 2015, CONFADENT competed in Trinity’s business plan competition and won the grand prize of $30,000, beating several graduate healthcare students and undergraduate teams from the business school. Next, CONFADENT decided to take their talents to a national stage at the Cupid’s Cup Competition hosted by the Founder and CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank. CONFADENT was one of six companies selected out of over 550 national applicants to present to a panel of judges including Kevin Plank, Dan Gilbert (CEO, Quicken Loans), Ariana Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post), and Wes Moore (New York Times Best Selling Author). CONFADENT’s Founder and President, Cole Evans, was awarded with the esteemed Kevin Plank’s Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneur of the Year cash prize award.

CONFADENT Chewing Gum is for the person who is constantly on-the-go and values keeping his or her mouth fresh and clean between the times they brush their teeth in the morning and evening. Studies have proven that individuals who have fresh breath and white teeth improve their personal business, because both attributes typically convey great health & hygiene, which translates to higher self esteem and confidence in the workplace.

One of our team’s most essential principles, that we didn’t want to lose sight of during the creation process of CONFADENT, was the notion of giving back. We are in talks with various social organizations to see how we could help people who may lack access to affordable and effective oral care, with donations of CONFADENT.


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The Start Up

One of the first published accounts of our start up process (prior to the name change) as told by Trinity University’s blogger.