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With health and wellness top-of-mind, CONFADENT Oral Technology reaches over 20K sample requests for their innovative gum overnight. 

 December 29, 2016 (Denver, CO) – CONFADENT OralTechnology, a Colorado-based startup that produces an oral care product in the form of gum, has received an overwhelming response for samples of their product. The startup recently launched its online shopping presence, now offering consumers the option to purchase the innovative gum in addition to the previously-offered free samples. With a newly-enhanced social media effort, CONFADENT’s gum is taking the coupon-centric e-marketplace by storm.  In less than a 24-hour period, the company has received more than twenty thousand sample requests. All hands are on deck as the small, but highly-motivated CONFADENT team strives to fulfill the recent orders and transform the world of oral care.

With 2017 on the horizon, CONFADENT is thrilled to be shedding a light on the importance of health and happiness, starting with the mouth. Studies have proven that individuals with healthy mouths and gums, fresh breath and white teeth, show an improved quality of life with greater confidence and self-esteem. CONFADENT is for the person who is constantly on-the-go and values keeping his or her mouth fresh and clean between the times they brush their teeth in the morning and evening. The demand for CONFADENT’s sample gum is a display of heightened awareness regarding one’s oral and overall health.

“We are excited to have our online shop open and are absolutely amazed by the response we’ve received for the free gum samples,” said Cole T. Evans, Founder and President. “Obviously we’ve tapped into an unmet need,” adding, “We know that once people try CONFADENT, they will be hooked. With that, we will honor every single sample request. If you are interested in trying the groundbreaking gum, visit confadent.com.”

CONFADENT Oral Technology 

CONFADENT Oral Technology is a company based out of Denver, Colorado that has invented and successfully developed a new oral care product in the form of a chewing gum. Dentists often recommend gum for oral health. Through the use of FDA approved active ingredients, CONFADENT’s proprietary chewing gum is formulated to whiten one’s teeth, help reduce the bacteria that causes plaque and gingivitis, and still maintain an extra fresh peppermint flavor. Connect with CONFADENT by finding them online (confadent.com), liking them on Facebook (facebook.com/confadent), following them on Twitter and Instagram (@ConfadentGum) and using their hashtags— #ConfadentGum and #BeConfadent.

Media Contact

Jordan Jackson, 303.406.8839